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                Protection for your family and your financial well-being is paramount at Shelley D. Krohn, Ltd.  Whether you are just starting out and want to plan for your financial future or have hit tough times and need a fresh start, I am here to help you reach your goals.   

            If you think a bankruptcy may be in your future, come talk with me about all of your options and see how a bankruptcy will help you clean up your credit and start you on the road to financial recovery.  

            If your financial status is already stable then let's make sure that you protect it and your family into the future.  Make sure that your family is provided for in the way that you would desire if you were suddenly not able to make decisions for them.  Don't leave important, life-changing decisions up to strangers or to the court-system.

            Protection.  For your family and your future.  That's what we are all about at Shelley D. Krohn, Ltd.  Call me today to see how we can help you secure some peace of mind.               

I enjoy working with our community and assisting those with limited financial resources.  If you think you cannot afford a lawyer, please reach out to the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.  I am happy to take cases and represent clients referred to me from their organization.  I have attached a link to their website on my Resources tab.
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